Teacher Fucks His Sexy Student in front of 3D Cameras

Sexy girl seduces her teacher after the rest of the class have gone home.  You can ban this sort of thing if you like, but when girls are as nubile and sexy as this little bitch, teachers will still give in to temptation and fuck their tight holes even if it costs them their job.  Fap off and enjoy in real 3D!

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Cute Teen is Violated in Real 3D Porn

cute teen interracial 2

Cute teen girl has her pussy practically destroyed by the uncontrollable lust of this savage black man.  Watch in real 3D as this innocent girl learns the hard way that becoming a movie star involves a lot of cumming.  Then he decides to shove his monster cock deep inside her tight teen ass….

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Real 3D Porn On Your Glasses Free 3D Smartphone

streaming 3d

There is now a second major 3D porn company that allows  you to download and watch their real 3D porn movies on your glasses free 3D smartphone – including the 3D phones from LG and HTC.  In fact, 3D X Star is the only real 3D porn site that allows you to stream 3D porn videos directly to your 3D mobile phone!

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Glasses Free 3D Mobile Porn

3D Sex Planet is the first real 3D paysite to offer all of its movies in the correct format for the new glasses free 3D mobile phones (such as the HTC EVO 3D and the LG 3D phone).  In other words, at 3D Sex Planet you will see the first glasses free 3D porn in the world – finally you are able to jerk off to the amazing reality of porn in 3D without the need for glasses!  Click the banner below to visit the site and to find out more (note that at the time of this post, the previews on the site are in the anaglyph 3D glasses format – but if you buy a subscription or pay for an individual video then you can download in the .MP4 side by side format for 3D phones).

3d sex planet banner


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Glasses Free 3D Phone Porn

Glasses free 3D phone porn is set to arrive in the next couple of months with the release of both the LG and HTC (sprint) 3D smartphones that do not require glasses to view.  The LG phone (LG Optimus 3D / LG 4G Thrill) goes on sale in the UK and Europe in early June, with the USA set to follow soon after.  It will play 3D movies in the .MP4 format, with the HTC EVO 3D likely to do the same when it gets released in the USA in June or July.

One site that already offers 3D porn movies in the .MP4 format is PornFilms3D.  If you are planning to buy a 3D smartphone we recommend that you subscribe to that site now and start building up your 3D porn collection for your new phone.  Click on the image below to visit the site :


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Free 3D Porn

Some free 3D porn pics that I found whilst surfing the web. Most of these pictures date from the 70′s and 80′s or even earlier – the so called golden age of anaglyph porn (you need a pair of red/cyan glasses to view them in 3D).

3D Big Tits

free 3d porn pic

free anaglyph boobs

3d model panties NN

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Possible iPod 3D Demonstrated in YouTube Video

Rumours began surfacing last month that the next Apple iPod will be have a glasses free 3D display. The rumour was based upon the fact that the company that supplies Apple with the screens for their devices recently ordered a huge shipment of glasses free 3D screens.  Apple recently were awarded a patent for the development of 3D technology that enables a device to ‘track’ your eye movements, something which will allow multiple people to recieve the 3D effect, as well as enabling a ‘psuedo holographic’ quality to the 3D image.

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First 3D Porn Smartphone Gets Good Reviews

LG officially anounced their first glasses free 3D smartphone today at the MWC in Barcelona.  Obviously it’s the big talking point of the show as nobody can wait to start watching 3D porn on a glasses free screen.  Generally it has gotten good reviews across the online media from those journalists and bloggers who have had a first look at it.  With likely millions of consumers buying the phone when it goes on sale in May, the LG Optimus will herald the start of the glasses free 3D porn revolution.  While you’re waiting to be able to jerk off to 3D porn without having to wear any specs, grab your anaglyph red/cyans now because 3D Porn Action have just released a couple of spanking new stereoscopic porn movies :

3D Porn Action Glasses

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Glasses Free 3D Mobile Porn Coming Soon

Electronics giant LG have officially announced the launch of a glasses free 3D Android Smartphone at the mobile world conference in Barcelona this month.  The extraordinary specced phone will have a 4.3″ screen and is set to be able not only to play glasses free 3D movies and photos, but record them as well…in High Definition!  Hopefully a few forward thinking adult companies are going to get busy and start filming more 3D porn content for these things.

3d porn pic

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MIT Demos 3D Holographic Video Via Kinect Hack

Researchers and students at the MIT have demoed the most advanced streaming holographic video system yet, with an image refresh rate of 15 per second – very close to the 30 frames per second of television.  What’ s most remarkable, is that the team captured and converted the original image into a moving 3D hologram using nothing more than the Kinect depth camera.

The difference between holograms and the type of 3-D images becoming common in movie theaters is frequently overlooked, Bove says. During a screening of, say, the 3-D version of Avatar, viewers on the far-left aisle of the theater see the same image that viewers on the far-right aisle do. That image may have depth, but it’s filmed from a single perspective. As a viewer moves around a hologram, however, his or her perspective on the depicted object changes continuously, just as it would if the object were real.

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